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Student, v tall, not skinny(yet), very straight hair, brown eyed, pale lipped, walks too fast, spends too much, loves clubbing, loves soygreentealatte, would love to own portrait of a zebra, often starving, loves vodka, loves abstract art, does not smile often, not interested in drugs, loves foc movies online, is always late, loves studying but hates school, hates tan, hates the sun, hates herself after eating, dreams of traveling, wants to paint, wants tattoos, periodic insomniac, would rather write than sleep, hates conformity, is a rebel, compulsive notebook buyer, music addict, hunger gives her strength, in love with rave dancing, is an escapist, often doesn't understand herself, trusts instincts above all things, has a sense of direction, hates to choose
Thin, ignoring hunger, shopping, models, camera, travelling, clubbing, vodka redbull, trying to study, indie music, underground hiphop, tablo's brilliance, reflective movies, writing, thoughts, insights, hiding herself(completely), vomiting every dark or bright thought into this LJ, suspecting people, avoiding people, just disappearing completely.

There is a sadness in me, in all of us. It slides around us in a choke hold because we cannot find the cure - we don't know where to look. It is frightening to know that some happiness evades us whenever we attempt to familiarize with it. Sometimes it's better to dream. Whether it be day or night, in this otherworld we are free, we have full control and all is within reach. What if one day we happen to fall so hard and deep that we die, our hearts freezes over? And it never moves for another searching soul again? What if happiness comes knocking but we're far too deep in our thoughts to hear its arrival?

I am recovering. Everyday I will the incidents to fade away. Slowly but surely, it will.

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